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Please contact us: 
Mark,  631-368-4361

  • Recommended at top venues
  • Includes extras others charge for and you still save
  • An insured company making clients happy for over 25 years
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Wedding Stimulus Package: Live ceremony music, Live cocktail hour
Piano music, 4 hour DJ, intelligent lighting - $899, most venues!

A band or DJ from Marken Music will help make your event perfect with Make-U-Dance Music.  Our experienced music professionals  make event planning easy.

Marken Music is recommended at top venues, Country Clubs and more and you'll get great music at reasonable cost.

1. Tell us about Marken Music and what makes your services so special, different and unique.

Our staff and management are REAL musicians that play instruments. We're not just button pushers or office managers. We KNOW music and we MAKE music. We're your best choice to get music for your wedding because we know how to match what you want with what's available, at the least cost.

Captain Group Markin Music

2. Tell us about the latest trends you're seeing in weddings when it comes to music and how you are keeping up with and/or keeping ahead of the trends.

"Saving money" is the biggest trend. We're honest in telling you that something you want isn't really needed. For example, you usually don't need a DJ AND an emcee. A good, professional DJ can do both. Why pay for 2 people?


3. Explain to the couples why having good music and good entertainment is key to hosting a good party.

From the Ceremony to the Cocktail Hour to the reception, good music fills in the blanks, helps conversation, puts people at ease and energizes them to have a good time. Our Musicians and DJs are pros at reading the audience and play your requests and the music that makes people happy, gets them dancing, or relaxes them and makes them feel good.

4. What is your formula for making sure everyone is having fun?

Foremost, we play the types of music clients request. Our detailed questionnaire describes the music you like, songs you want and songs you don't want. We also play requests. Our vast experience allows us to select several similar songs along with the client's requests to make a set of songs. It's like getting $10 when you ask for $5.

5. What sets Marken Music apart from others?

We're REAL musicians, not just button pushers. We KNOW music. We have over 25 years of experience, we're recommended by top venues and we're insured.

6. How do you want your couples and their guests to remember you when the party is done?

That was the BEST party we ever went to! We had the MOST fun!

Marken Music
Steel Drums

7. When should couples begin thinking about entertainment in their planning process?

At the earliest possible time. Musicians get booked months and years in advance and 6 months ahead is not too early. Also, prices tend to increase over time so booking early can save money.

Marken Music

8. What are some things or information YOU need (from the couple) to ensure a job well done?

What types of music do you want? Don't want? Do you want high energy? Do you want motivation or laid back? Loud or soft? What special songs do you want?

9. When should a couple book your services?

6 months in advance is not too early.


10. How many times do you meet with couples before the big day and what sort of things do you discuss at these "meetings of the mind"?

I meet with couples whenever they want to, or communicate by email or telephone any time they have a question. This can be during or after business hours.

11. Give a mission statement that best describes your services and defines what you do and what you are all about.

Marken Music is run by REAL musicians who want you to have the BEST music at the least cost! We want you and your guests to remember yours as one of the BEST weddings ever!


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Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming. Please call or email me any time. I can help answer  your questions on the music, venue, etc.


Please contact us:  Mark,  631-368-4361






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