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Please contact us: 
Mark,  631-368-4361

Marken Productions has available boats of varying sizes for filming or wedding shoots, entrances, exits, props, etc.

The most popular is the 21’ Bowrider that can be transported with its trailer.


Marine Services Long Island


Imagine a totally novel entrance (if the venue is on the water) like Mr. and Mrs. James Bond dressed to the 9’s as the Bride in her flowing gown and tuxedoed groom alight from the vessel, ascend the ramp and view the cheering throngs assembled. What a memory!


Marine Services - Charter


The boat is also available for charter, touring, sea scattering, instruction. A film crew will have water access unobtainable from land. You (and a friend) are One on One with the knowledgeable Captain who can be your local guide and teach you hands-on boat operation. View the many natural wonders like raptors hunting fish, sunrises and sunsets, marine landscapes, an infinite variety of vessels, harbors, waterfront venues, beaches and more. Your Captain is licensed by the Coast Guard and places your safety and enjoyment as his highest priorities.


Marine Services - Weddings


“Why live on an Island and not utilize the magnificent waters that surround us with beauty, the wonders of nature and adventure?”


Contact Capt. Mark at
631-368-4361 or


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