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  • Recommended at top venues
  • Includes extras others charge for and you still save
  • An insured company making clients happy for over 25 years
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Wedding Stimulus Package: Live ceremony music, Live cocktail hour music, 4 hour DJ, lighting - Call For Details!

A band or DJ from Marken Music will help make your event perfect with Make-U-Dance Music.  Our experienced music professionals  make event planning easy.

Marken Music is recommended at top venues, Country Clubs and more and you'll get great music at reasonable cost.

Music must be compatible with you, the guests and the venue. It is the paste holding your event together. It allows one segment to flow to the next. It gets people in the mood for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.


Your guests are entering the Chapel, Temple or ceremony site.  They're talking and sharing news and renewing acquaintences.  Consider subtle, quality background music like a keyboard, strings, guitar, your preference.

Marken Music

The Ceremony

Let your spirit fly! Do what moves you! Imagine live music on the beach with crashing surf; or on a deck with trees, water and a glowing sun for a backdrop. Consider a keyboard with many sounds including organ, or real classical strings, or a harp, or guitar. There's no limit.

Marken Music

The Cocktail Hour

Your guests are chatting, laughing, renewing old acquaintances, catching up on family news. They're communicating. Consider having simple, sophisticated Background music that fills in the voids, doesn't compete, relaxes people and prepares them for the Reception. Would you like a piano or keyboard playing the Great American Songbook including Sinatra, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Ella, Duke, show tunes and the like? Other possibilities are a jazz combo, strings, harp, guitar and more.

Marken Music
Marken Music
Marken Music
Marken Music

Marken Music
Marken Music
Marken Music
Marken Music



The Reception

Marken Music

Here's the Main Event, Your main Event! Do what you like. Have the music that you and your new spouse can dance to on a cloud all night. This is your party! This is the event of a lifetime! This is the wedding that all others will be compared to. From Ballroom to Swing to Big Band to Funk to Classic Rock to current, you can have it all, live or DJ or both!



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