Marken Music Event Tips

Nine Tips For a successful event...

There are many ingredients to a successful, fabulous event- wedding, dinner dance, gala, cocktail party, etc.). You may be overwhelmed at first, but chin up! It's not rocket science. You can, and will, make a wonderful event!

Remember, when you take care of the little things one at a time, the big things take care of themselves!

Tip 1 - Adequate Time

The foremost is leaving adequate time to do everything. Remember your parents saying, "Don't go out until your homework is done," or, "Don't leave the assignment for the last minute."? Same thing. A year ahead is not too early. Three to six months is close!

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 2 - Shop Around

Shop around and interview the people you're dealing with. You're compatible if there's give and take. If the person you're dealing with does all the talking, beware. You and your needs and concerns are foremost and that's what the company person should be eliciting from you. If it's all about their ego and how great they are, go elsewhere. Any company you engage is your employee. YOU are the boss. The company exists to turn your dreams into reality.

You are paying them for their expertise and experience to provide the best service at the most cost-effective price.

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 3 - Audition & Review

Look at or listen to examples of the services offered. Ask to see videos and hear recordings of the  bands, DJs, singers or other performers. Request to see comments from patrons. Read the their reviews on their websites and other online sources. Don't hesitate to ask for references. A reputable company will have nothing to hide. 

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 4 - Budget

There is considerable variation in fees. Look at the company: is there high overhead in the form of showcases ($1000 fees to showcase at bridal expos), full page color ads, office rent-personnel and utilities, ads in every magazine and music internet site in creation? You, the customer are paying for this. Is the company "mean and lean" with minimal overhead? The more the company saves, the more you save.

Be cautious about seeking the lowest cost possible. You're not shopping for oranges. You may be planning a major event in your life. You may be spending many thousands of dollars. It's more important to have the service performed expertly and flawlessly, than to save a few dollars and have problems.

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 5 - Specify Your Music

An otherwise fabulous event can be disappointing if the musical performer fails to play songs you want, or chooses other songs you don't want. Include a list of songs to play AND a list of No Plays. Professionals will typically have a form you can fill out to ensure your likes and dislikes are clearly understood. Don't leave this to a verbal agreement. Have it in writing.

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 6 - Ways To  Save Money

• For events with 100 or fewer people, Two DJs usually aren't needed.

• A ceremony or cocktail hour musician doesn't need a dinner; they are there for an hour or less. However, if the musicians or DJ are at the reception for three or more hours, it's customary to feed them. HOWEVER, work out with the Banquet Manager a dinner of "Musician Food" which is less elaborate and expensive compared to the guests' dinner.

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 7 - Gratuities

Tipping can be a nuanced topic, and many people wonder what is appropriate. If you're happy with the service, a 10% to 15% tip is customary, and a common gesture to acknowledge the musicians’ contribution to any ambiance. Think about the crucial role the service played in your event. If you just did a great job for someone, how would you want to be treated?

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 8 - Changes

If something comes to mind and you would like to make a change, don't hesitate to call the company providing the service. They should be happy to accommodate you. Inquire about this before you sign a contract.

Music Tips For A Successful Event

Tip 9 - Don’t Procrastinate

Try to finalize everything as soon as possible with a contract. If you procrastinate, the company may become unavailable for the date you need and you must start to search all over again. Prices can change. Don't waffle or hesitate. Like love, if you're happy for the most part, commit!

Music Tips For A Successful Event

"Because Your Music Matters"