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Dazzling vocalists, serious musicianship, make-you-dance DJs, cool choreography, and a great look equate to exceptional entertainment for your wedding, mitzvah, corporate event or special occasion. Our wedding, dance, party bands and DJs are experienced in precise performances and planning to on-site management. Marken Music means you can relax and enjoy the moments with your guests!

With years of experience, Marken Music bands and DJs help you plan your event and make it memorable long after the party is over. Expect to receive calls, letters and compliments on your entertainment choice for months and years to come!

Wedding Testimonial

Wedding Band - DG

DJ Gary

Oheka DJ and Strings

Oheka Strings

Disco Band

Let’s Dance

Sweet Sounds

Blue Grass

Sonorous Strings

Big Band Swing


Steel Drums

Latin American DJ Wedding

Cotton Club

Big Band Dance


Caribbean Wedding

Continuous music that complements every moment and a broad songlist that engages guests of all ages

Your Marken band leader or DJ will contact you, to review every detail of your event and your taste in music. This allows your band or DJ to produce a timeline of events and surround them with the proper music at the appropriate time. This timeline maps out when special moments, such as the toast, first dance and food course servings will occur, so that the music will complement each activity seamlessly.

Our goal is to allow you to relax and thoroughly enjoy the occasion! The Marken Music staff helps keep the entertainment going and the party running smoothly with finesse and style. It's all about creating the ultimate party!

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